Hong Kong 2014 part 1

Back in April of this year, I returned to Hong Kong for couple of weeks for a family holiday.  The first visit for my daughter, Zara, so a significant one on many counts.  The logistics of travelling 6,000 miles with a small child are interesting to say the least, but as a photographer there’s the added challenge in what you can practically take with you in terms of equipment.  I’ll cover more about the equipment I took at a later date.  For now, I’m going to start things off with some ‘street’ photos from the trip.

There’s not too much I want to say about these photos.  Each one contains real people living out their lives and so there are stories in there.  What those stories are…  Well, I’ll leave that to you, the viewer.

After here, why not take a look at my second instalment of photos from Hong Kong?

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