Giants Return to Liverpool

After the incredible Sea Odyssey in 2012, Jean-Luc Courcoult and the Royale De Luxe team returned to Liverpool to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1 with a trio of giants 23rd – 27th July (2014) in “Memories of August 1914”.

This time, we were visited by the cuddly Grandmother giant along with the familiar faces of the Little Girl Giant and her slobbering, urinating dog, Xolo.

For a couple of days, Grandmother giant was resting up in St. George’s Hall and by Friday she, the Little Girl Giant and Xolo were roaming the city centre and suburban streets lined by hundreds of thousands of patiently waiting admiring spectators.

The Giants departure today echoed that of Sea Odyssey as they left by boat in a cloud of smoke which reminded me of the fumigation process cabin flight crew put you through when leaving a tropical destination.  Well, it has been scorchingly hot over the past few days.

The giants may have left Liverpool, but I can’t help thinking they’ve also left behind three giant holes in the city.  I’m hoping they get filled before too long.

This year’s giant spectacular was very much a different experience with me as a significant part of it was shared with my wife and 3-year old daughter.  It’s amazing how having a little ‘un in tow changes your perspective of everything.

Did you see the giants in their return visit to Liverpool?

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